Medicare Supplement (medigap)

A Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan is a type of health insurance policy that is offered by private insurance companies.  These plans help cover certain costs that are not covered by Original Medicare, such as co-insurance, copayments, and deductibles. 

There are a total of 10 standardized Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that are available in most areas.  These Plans range from Plan A to Plan N and each one offers its own set of benefits. 

Medicare Supplement Benefits 2


Those who choose a Medigap plan to go alongside of Original Medicare, enjoy several advantages like:

  1. Having the freedom to choose their doctors and hospitals
  2. Do not require referrals to see a specialist
  3. Get to use their plan nationwide

Coverage is guaranteed renewable. (This means the insurance company can never drop or terminate you from a plan due to a health condition).

When deciding on a Medigap plan, there are a few key factors to consider.  Such as which benefits are most important to you, how much of the Medicare gaps you would like to cover and if you have a specific budget in mind.  

This is why it’s important to speak to a Medicare Expert that can make the process a lot easier, by finding specific plan types that may work for you and to help you understand the options that are available in your area. 

Our team can help you find great coverage from top rated carriers, at the lowest price, while ultimately making sure the plan suits your needs.

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