What is Medicare Part A?  

Medicare Part A is your Hospital Insurance.

What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

Part A helps cover inpatient hospital stays, home health care, skilled nursing facility and hospice care.

How Much is Medicare Part A?

As long as you have worked in the US for 10 years (40 quaters), you generally get Part A for free.

However, If you have not worked the full 40 quaters, then you will have a monthly premium to pay.

In 2021 the premium for Part A would be $471 if you have worked less than 30 quaters and $259 for people who have worked 30 to 39 quaters.

When Can I Enroll in Medicare Part A?

If you are already receiving Social Security Benefits, then you will be enrolled automatically and your Medicare will start the first day of the first month you turn 65. 

If you are not yet getting Social Security benefits, you need to enroll in Medicare.

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